If you’re looking for poses pretty and polished then I’m probably not your gal, I’m here to capture what makes you different and makes you, you. I want you to look at your pictures and feel like you can see yourselves, your style, interests and most importantly, your unique relationship within those photos. I’m here to share your authentic weirdness whatever that may be. 

for the weirdos and the lovers

California wedding, elopement and portrait photographer.

Ditch the awkward posed pictures for badass memories that look and feel like you. 

hey, i'm jamie

Hey my fellow kind-hearted rebel, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Jamie. I’m here to capture your epic love story for the uniqueness that it is. If you’re looking for a photographer that’s ready to ditch the awkward poses for something more, well, you? I’m your girl. I’m all about being creative and different with my work and love to capture people for their weird unique style. Whatever it is you love or makes you you, then I’m here to show the world how badass you are. 

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john + chris

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